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bittrex United-States 70.26 BTC 0.00000046 BTC 0.25% Stop loss limit on bittrex?
shapeshift Switzerland 1.70 BTC 0.00000044 BTC 0.5%-1% BitGo Instant Determining value when moving coins from one wallet to another.
yobit Unknown 1.28 BTC 0.00000046 BTC 0.2%
Poor support Bittrex has sell walls, but Cryptopia and Yobit are free of sell walls? Should we get more volume in there so the price can naturally increase?
cryptopia New-Zealand 0.90 BTC 0.00000045 BTC 0.2% Coin Voting,
Great news! We have accrued enough BTC for the Cryptopia listing fee!
bleutrade Brazil 0.85 BTC 0.00000047 BTC 0.25% SPECIAL HTMLCOIN WORLD MEETING JUNE 17, 2017.
novaexchange Sweden 0.26 BTC 0.00000047 BTC 0.2% Dice,
New exchange now trading Chaincoin! Ether and CHC are now paired, great chance for token bagholders to get a ton of cheap CHC. Arbitrage opportunities abound
coingather Unknown 0.01 BTC 0.00000046 BTC 0.2% HTMLCOIN SWAPPING 2017
tradesatoshi United-Kingdom 0 BTC 0.00000051 BTC 0.2% Slow support Bunnycoin BUN added to Tradesatoshi
bisq World 0 BTC 0.00000005 BTC 0.0005 BTC (create)
0.0001 BTC (arb)

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