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livecoin United-Kingdom 8.04 BTC 0.00016420 BTC 0.01%-0.2%

And many more...
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btc38 China 2.71 BTC 0.00067000 BTC 0.1%
bittrex United-States 0.89 BTC 0.00016934 BTC 0.25% Great support You can now Trade your Komodo on BittrexExchange
cryptopia New-Zealand 0.02 BTC 0.00016840 BTC 0.2% Coin Voting,
yobit Unknown 0 BTC 0.00017000 BTC 0.2%
Broken deposit,
Broken withdrawal,
Poor support
Yobit added ETC
xbtce Unknown 0 BTC 0.00017000 BTC 0%

Margin trade,
Fake volume
xBTCe Exchange Launches Live Accounts Bringing a New Era for Cryptocurrency Trading
tuxexchange Canada 0 BTC 0.00017800 BTC 0% (Maker)
0.3% (Taker)
DOGE giveaway,
Great support
PEPECASH on sale! Buy! Buy! Buy!
hitbtc Denmark 0 BTC 0.00012510 BTC 0.01% (passive)
0.1% (active)

Coin voting You can now trade ARDR with BTC on @hitbtc!
coinexchange Unknown 0 BTC 0.00900000 BTC 0.15% No trade API KMD/BTC trading is now live on @CoinExchangeio!
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