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Futures contract,
Margin trading
does Binance support staking $ICX yet?
Unknown 1.83 BTC 0.00004060 BTC -0.01%/0.107% (Maker)
0.02%/0.07% (Taker)
BCH market,
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@binance: #FF Exchanges that support $BUSD trading @McAfeeDex @Aliniex @Bitmoondotnet @hitbtc @SimpleSwap_io @StealthEX_io @InstaSwap_io @constantp2p
Singapore 0.39 BTC 0.00004062 BTC 0.075% Bitrue Exchange: Power Piggy, Crypto Loans, XRP Pairs
United-States 0.23 BTC 0.00004007 BTC 0%-0.25% (Maker)
0.08%-0.25% (Taker)
UPA update from OmiseGO for the community.
United-States 0.06 BTC 0.00004033 BTC 0%-0.08% (Maker)
0.1%-0.2% (Taker)
Margin trading,
Stop-Limit Orders
Bermuda Now Accepts USDC Crypto for Taxes and Government Services
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0.055%-0.2% (Taker)

Margin trading,
BitGo Instant
How Ex-Ripple, Binance US CEO Plans to Win Over America
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And many more...
Russia 0 BTC 0.00007501 BTC 0% (Maker)
0.1% (Taker)
No withdrawal API I think I might have got myself involved in a scam
Malta 0 BTC 0.00004100 BTC 0.01%-0.1% (Maker)
0.05%-0.15% (Taker)
Futures contract
(100x leverage)
OKEX's Ask Me Anything event rolling out this Friday?! Get prepared guys, you may walk away with 20USDT if you play your cards right.
Switzerland 0 BTC 0.00004400 BTC 0%
And many more...
Now that Binance.US ha launched. Can KIN be listed on the regular binance exchange?
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0.06%-0.1% (Taker)
Singapore 0 BTC 0.00004069 BTC 0.1%
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