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United-States 5,164.08 BCH 282.50 EUR 0%-0.26%

Futures contract
(50x leverage)
Margin trading,
Dark pool,
BitGo Instant
Blockchain analytics was used to uncover and seize bitcoins valued at $19 million
United-Kingdom 1,259.58 BCH 282.07 EUR 0.1%-0.25%

Stop order,
Ripple gateway,
BitGo Instant
Funds suddenly being put on hold & subsequently unusable on CB Pro until they've cleared?!
United-States 1,251.29 BCH 282.62 EUR 0% (Maker)
0.1%-0.25% (Taker)

Margin trading,
Stop orders,
API sandbox
Ping-Pong Timeout
United-Kingdom 412.38 BCH 310.49 EUR 0.2%

And many more...
EXMO maintenance over. Deposit and withdraw function is back online
Ireland 68.60 BCH 367.93 EUR 0%-0.1% (Maker)
0.025%-0.2% (Taker)

[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Irish Crypto Exchange Bitsane Vanishes While Exit Scamming 246,000 Users - Don't store your funds...
United-Kingdom 62.02 BCH 269.90 EUR 0% (Maker)
0.2%-0.3% (Taker)

And many more...
Crypto Exchange y Bitlish Wallet: beneficios, comisiones y marco legal
Netherlands 7.42 BCH 296.97 EUR 0.42%

LiteBit exchange: We appreciate the opinion of our LiteBit customers and the crypto community at large. So we would like to ask your opinion about the Bitcoin SV, should we follow the example of other major exchanges and delist Bitcoin SV? What do you think?
United-Kingdom 4.16 BCH 282.10 EUR 0.08%-0.35%
Malta 3.64 BCH 283.10 EUR 0.1%-0.43%

BitBay - A New Bitcoin & Litecoin Fiat Exchange
Italy 1.59 BCH 280.96 EUR 0.03%-0.2%
Virtual Stock
Ripple gateway
Cryptocurrency Exchanges - Niuyan
Hong-Kong 1.40 BCH 308.20 EUR 0.2%

Playing with fire with FinCen and SEC, Binance may face a hefty penalty again after already losing 50 percent of its trading business
United-Kingdom 0.66 BCH 285.04 EUR 0% (Maker)
0.2% (Taker)

Margin trading,
GHS Trading,
Cloud Mining,
Credit/Debit cards to Launch Dedicated US Exchange
United-Kingdom 0.05 BCH 278.60 EUR 0% Globitex Exchange Leads Charge in Trading by Lowering and Removing Fees
Singapore 0 BCH 85.88 EUR 0% COSS welcomes a new addition in the COSS Family with the on-boarding of Nirmal Ranga as the Assistant Vice President-Trading & Operations.
United-Kingdom 0 BCH 394.17 EUR 0% (buyers) P2P exchanges (e.g., LocalBitcoins, Bisq, HodlHodl, Paxful, etc.,)
Peru 0 BCH 281.47 EUR 0.5%

BitGo Instant Groestlcoin June Development Update & Release!
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