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China 23.14 ETH 0.00052275 ETH 0.1%-0.2% Cryptocurrency companies use ‘backdoor’ listings to ease into mainstream
Unknown 5.62 ETH 0.00051500 ETH 0%-0.2% MXC(Machine Xchange Coin) Trading Competition, 3.5 Million MXC to Give Away
World 0 ETH 0.00059300 ETH 0.1% (Maker)
0.2% (Taker)
Decentralized Aeron(ARN), the new standard of aviation safety powered by blockchain. Listed on CMC, trading on 17+ exchanges(including Binance, IDEX, HitBTC). AIRDROP, join telegram and twitter for 3 ARN. Small total supply, valuable coins, takes a minute to join:
Singapore 0 ETH 0.00045100 ETH 0.1% How to receive! QuarkChain Airdrop!
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