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hitbtc Denmark 2,016.34 BTC 0.04912600 BTC 0.01% (passive)
0.1% (active)

Add token I'm buying a small amount of XMR, for the trading i've chosen hitbtc exchange. i`ve got no problems with that, but heard someone's got a problem.Is that true? i'd like to know what's happening, my friends praise it
binance Hong-Kong 995.05 BTC 0.04929800 BTC 0.1% Tron (TRX) #1 On Binance Exchange
yobit Unknown 494.76 BTC 0.04948921 BTC 0.2%
Poor support SRNT is now listed on IDEX!
wex Singapore 297.13 BTC 0.04910000 BTC 0.2%

Breaking: Tether partnered with known money-launderer under FBI investigation
bittrex United-States 177.44 BTC 0.04920001 BTC 0.25% UpToken is now available on the @BittrexExchange
bitfinex Hong-Kong 169.94 BTC 0.04919900 BTC 0%-0.1% (Maker)
0.1%-0.2% (Taker)

Margin trading,
BitGo Instant
We need some new exchanges!
poloniex United-States 143.12 BTC 0.04919677 BTC 0%-0.15% (Maker)
0.05%-0.25% (Taker)
Margin trading,
Stop-Limit Orders,
Slow withdrawal,
SLOW support
Best US-based exchange?
livecoin United-Kingdom 136.51 BTC 0.04949999 BTC 0.02%-0.2%

And many more...
indaHash is proud to announce that indaHash Coin (IDH) has landed 🚀🌕 a listing on yet another exchange! 📈 You can now trade between ETH - IDH & BTC - IDH on! 🎉
exmo United-Kingdom 112.35 BTC 0.04951800 BTC 0.2%

And many more...
Buy and sell сrypto currency
kraken United-States 109.52 BTC 0.04909000 BTC 0%-0.26%

Margin trading,
Dark pool,
BitGo Instant,
50 addresses
withdrawal limit
Lol this guys review for the exchange app Kraken.
bitmex Seychelles 72.87 BTC 0.04948100 BTC -0.05%/-0.025% (Maker)
0.075%/0.25% (Taker)
Futures contract
(100x leverage),
Stop Limit
Legal Action for Server Outages despite publicly confirming a "root cause" was fixed? Caused me to lose 43 Bitcoin. Who else was affected?
xbtce Unknown 65.45 BTC 0.04813000 BTC ?

Futures contract
(100x leverage),
Stop Limit
Japan (ETH/JPY pair) is key to increase the price of ETH. Can you help?
liqui Ukraine 10.30 BTC 0.04913500 BTC 0.1% (Maker)
0.25% (Taker)
Interest on deposit,
No withdrawal API
Destashing/Panning Journey, Update 3.1: Tackling skincare, reflecting on my no-buy, successful monthly destashes/empties, and new purchase protocol.
tidex Russia 6.89 BTC 0.04911360 BTC 0% (Maker)
0.1% (Taker)
No withdrawal API STQ is listed on TIDEX exchange
mercatox United-Kingdom 5.72 BTC 0.04815089 BTC 0.25%

Loyalty program ITT Listed On Mercatox Exchange
kucoin Hong-Kong 3.49 BTC 0.04819064 BTC 0.1% Loyalty program This is absolutely scam coin.
shapeshift Switzerland 2.75 BTC 0.04879130 BTC 0.5%-1% BitGo Instant Looking for a privacy oriented mail provider whose subscription can be paid in BCH
cexio United-Kingdom 2.36 BTC 0.04921800 BTC 0% (Maker)
0.2% (Taker)

Margin trading,
GHS Trading,
Cloud Mining,
Credit/Debit cards - live cryptocurrency prices, quotes and charts. Not Just Another Service!
coinsquare Canada 2.19 BTC 0.04901800 BTC Maker (0.1%-0.2%)
Taker (0.2%-0.4%)

Express funding
Daily Discussion & Important Links/Threads - March 21, 2018
cryptopia New-Zealand 1.73 BTC 0.04906001 BTC 0.2% Coin Voting,
I'm a noob and bought a lot of ETN on cryptopia :( How do I get out
bitcoincoid Indonesia 1.31 BTC 0.04897800 BTC 0% (Maker)
0.3% (Taker)
New Exchange Service Launches in Indonesia
c-cex Russia 0.82 BTC 0.04816223 BTC 0.2%

Vote for coin,
This coin has a lot going for it.
coinexchange Unknown 0.35 BTC 0.04999998 BTC 0.15% No trade API The average ICO hits the market with a $50m market cap nowadays. Internxt (INXT) has a MC of only $5 million...
gateio Unknown 0.31 BTC 0.04986000 BTC 0%-0.2% List of Today's and Tomorrow's Upcoming Events
southxchange Argentina 0.25 BTC 0.04859258 BTC 0.2%
Dero creative writing campaign
cryptox United-Kingdom 0.10 BTC 0.04922500 BTC -0.1% (Maker)
0.2% (Taker)
Selling GBYTE on
bitbay Poland 0.09 BTC 0.04871340 BTC 0.25%-0.43%

BitBay - A New Bitcoin & Litecoin Fiat Exchange
tradesatoshi United-Kingdom 0.08 BTC 0.04900000 BTC 0.2%
Is "payment id" required for transfering from tradesatoshi
bitsane Ireland 0.05 BTC 0.04875952 BTC 0.15% (Maker)
0.25% (Taker)

[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] Help! Bitsane exchange is trying to charge a fee because a member sent his bitcoin to his bitcoin...
abucoins Poland 0.04 BTC 0.04799221 BTC 0% (Maker)
0.1%-0.25% (Taker)
about token purchase
vircurex China 0.03 BTC 0.05000000 BTC 0.2% Interest on deposit Vircurex stole my dogecoin, just a reminder do NOT use this exchange!
bleutrade Brazil 0.03 BTC 0.04589232 BTC 0.25% Hurry up, it's two weeks left
stocksexchange Ukraine 0.01 BTC 0.04100004 BTC 0%-0.2% Hell Coin is 99% better than praying
tuxexchange Canada 0 BTC 0.04656854 BTC 0% (Maker)
0.3% (Taker)
DOGE giveaway,
Great support
TuxExchange is still offering 0% maker and 0.3% taker trade fee on all trades. Help us increase market liquidity and, trade Dash for FREE!
qryptos Japan 0 BTC 0.04600000 BTC -0.075% (Maker)
0.15% (Taker)
Register at Quoinex/Qryptos
novaexchange Sweden 0 BTC 0.04900006 BTC 0.2% Dice,
Nova exchange is back soon with VirtacoinPlus on menu.
nlexch Unknown 0 BTC 0.10000000 BTC 0.2%-0.5% New XVP Exchange NLexch
localbitcoins Finland 0 BTC 19.17 DASH 0%-1%

And many more...
Reputation system,
[H] Amazon Gift Card Balance [W] PayPal / BTC (LocalBitcoins Wallet)
dc-ex India 0 BTC 0.00660000 BTC 0.15%
Bitcointalk announcement
cryptxc Unknown 0 BTC 0.05980000 BTC 0.25%
braziliex Brazil 0 BTC 0.04600000 BTC 0.5% (0%-0.25%) Entrevista exclusiva com Ricardo Rozgrin Diretor da casa de câmbio “Exchange” Braziliex.
bitnow New-Zealand 0 BTC 0.01319982 BTC 0.5% - New Zealands latest digital currency exchange!
bitlish United-Kingdom 0 BTC 0.05128000 BTC 0% (Maker)
0.2%-0.3% (Taker)

And many more...
Bitcoin Atom Will Be Listed and Traded On Bitlish. The Popular British Exchange, Will Be Supporting Bitcoin Atom (BCA) Fork on January 25, 2018, Block #505888
bisq World 0 BTC 11.38 DASH 0.0005 BTC (create)
0.0001 BTC (arb)

And many more...
Decentralized Bisq - A decentralized bitcoin exchange (talk from 34C3 ChaosWest)
acx Australia 0 BTC 0.04800100 BTC 0.2% Leading Australian Bitcoin exchange ACX acquiring DigitalX Direct customers
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