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Poor support Yobit exchange is a scam
Hong-Kong 79.59 BTC 0.00865900 BTC 0.1%
Futures contract,
Margin trading
Binance Exchange Burns 2.06 Million BNB While They Continue Expanding Their Services
Singapore 67.62 BTC 0.00865000 BTC 0.04% Margin trading What is your review on Bitmax exchange? We need your feedback about this company.
Hong-Kong 57.44 BTC 0.00866400 BTC 0.1% (Maker)
0.1% (Taker)
BCH market,
Margin trading,
Stop Limit,
Futures contract
United-Kingdom 56.55 BTC 0.00870635 BTC 0.02%-0.2%

And many more...
Hong-Kong 43.28 BTC 0.00866446 BTC 0%-0.06% (Maker)
0.06%-0.1% (Taker)
Unknown 34.39 BTC 0.00866100 BTC -0.01%/0.107% (Maker)
0.02%/0.07% (Taker)
BCH market,
Add token
KickEX Exchange is the most advanced crypto exchange. KICK is listed on CMC and trading on 18+ exchanges(KuCoin, HitBTC, etc). Join the early bird sign up, AIRDROP: submit and verify your email for 10,000-50,000 KICK(takes 5 sec to join). Also other ways to earn more, KYC required after the launch:
Singapore 32.32 BTC 0.00865800 BTC 0.075% Bitrue Exchange: Power Piggy, Crypto Loans, XRP Pairs
Singapore 21.22 BTC 0.00866000 BTC 0.2% Some investment thresholds are often set by OKEx and Huobi. For example, the minimum contract price for the two exchanges is $100
Malta 18.19 BTC 0.00868000 BTC 0.01%-0.1% (Maker)
0.05%-0.15% (Taker)
Futures contract
(100x leverage)
OKEX's Ask Me Anything event rolling out this Friday?! Get prepared guys, you may walk away with 20USDT if you play your cards right.
United-Kingdom 17.57 BTC 0.00857891 BTC 0.25%

Loyalty program Bitcointalk announcement
United-Kingdom 12.89 BTC 0.00865840 BTC 0.2%

And many more...
EXMO Coin [EXM] — is the utility token of the largest crypto exchange in Eastern Europe.
United-States 9.79 BTC 0.00865230 BTC 0% (Maker)
0.1%-0.25% (Taker)

Margin trading,
Stop orders,
API sandbox
A Python Script for Live Bitcoin Price Ticker (Using Coinbase Pro Websockets)
United-States 8.78 BTC 0.00867545 BTC 0%-0.08% (Maker)
0.1%-0.2% (Taker)
Margin trading,
Stop-Limit Orders
Services to New Hampshire residents to be temporarily suspended on October 6, 2016
United-States 4.05 BTC 0.00864060 BTC 0%-0.25% (Maker)
0.08%-0.25% (Taker)
Horizen(ZEN), a technology platform with optional privacy features that aims to provide you with control of your digital footprint. Listed on CMC, trading on 15+ exchanges(Binance, Huobi, Bittrex, etc). Sign up and claim free ZEN every 20 hours:
Hong-Kong 3.96 BTC 0.00865440 BTC 0%-0.1% (Maker)
0.055%-0.2% (Taker)

Margin trading,
BitGo Instant
The (r)evolution has begun
United-States 3.83 BTC 0.00865000 BTC 0%-0.26%

Futures contract
(50x leverage)
Margin trading,
Dark pool,
BitGo Instant
[USA-CA] [H] EVGA 1080ti SC2 Hybrid, MSI Z270 Gaming M7, NZXT Kraken x62, NXZT Internal USB Hub, NZXT Grid+, Meshify C, 16GB Corsair LPX 3000, TP-Link AC1300, Inland Professional 512gb nvme, Steam Link, EVGA SuperNova 650 G3, Deepcool Captain 120ex [W] Local Cash, PayPal
Hong-Kong 2.02 BTC 0.00867900 BTC 0.0125%-0.1% (Maker)
0.03%-0.1% (Taker)
Futures contract
(50x leverage)
Margin trading,
Dark pool,
BitGo Instant
Недельный KuCoin Отчёт #58–13/10/2019
Ireland 0.95 BTC 0.01787370 BTC 0%-0.1% (Maker)
0.025%-0.2% (Taker)

People who loss their XRP coins in Bitsane Exchange Scam please sigh below petition through attached link
Canada 0.32 BTC 0.00864600 BTC 0.1%-0.2% (Maker)
0.2%-0.4% (Taker)

Express funding
Anyone use Coinsquare to BUY Bitcoin recently? Any other exchange recommendations?
Russia 0.19 BTC 0.00857969 BTC 0% (Maker)
0.1% (Taker)
No withdrawal API I think I might have got myself involved in a scam
United-Kingdom 0.15 BTC 0.00859700 BTC -0.1% (Maker)
0.2% (Taker)
There are various exchanges, but consider, run by long term active Obyte community member grzem, part of the community since 2016! The Cryptox time from new account creation to trading is as fast as it gets.
Unknown 0.09 BTC 0.00867000 BTC ?

This week, binance and Okex have more money flowing out of Bitcoin
Unknown 0.08 BTC 0.00859000 BTC -0.01%/-0.05% (Maker)
0.06%-0.1% (Taker)
SINOVATE is listed on CREX24 Exchange with BTC/ETH/RUB pairs
Argentina 0.07 BTC 0.00867985 BTC 0.2%
[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] Questionable exchange practices by SouthXchange
Cayman-Islands 0.07 BTC 0.00847000 BTC 0%-0.2% How to access previous tokens on Gateio Exchange?
India 0.01 BTC 0.00841200 BTC 0.1% (Maker)
0.25% (Taker)

Stop Limit Build an Exchange Platform like Wazirx: W
Indonesia 0.01 BTC 0.00848100 BTC 0% (Maker)
0.3% (Taker)
New Exchange Service Launches in Indonesia
Malta 0.01 BTC 0.00999699 BTC 0.1%-0.43%

BitBay - A New Bitcoin & Litecoin Fiat Exchange
Hong-Kong 0 BTC 0.00865200 BTC 0.06%-0.2% 📢Welcome to ZBExchange Airdrop
United-Kingdom 0 BTC 0.00868325 BTC 0.1% SWAPCOINZ $SPAZ Listed on Tradesatoshi Cryptocurrency Exchange
Estonia 0 BTC 0.00854346 BTC 0%-0.2%
Stop Limit,
Mobile app,
Quick support
CloakCoin Trading Competition on STEX Exchange - Total Reward Amount: 3675 CLOAK
Brazil 0 BTC 0.00930000 BTC 0.25% (passive)
0.5% (active)
(0%-1.99%) Miami Crypto Exchange and OmniTrade Integrate Dash
Switzerland 0 BTC 0.00950000 BTC 0%
And many more...
Now that Binance.US ha launched. Can KIN be listed on the regular binance exchange?
Finland 0 BTC 0.01722949 BTC 0%-1%

And many more...
Reputation system,
LocalBitcoins Exchange Review | Fees, Security, Pros and Cons in 2019
Japan 0 BTC 0.00790123 BTC 0%-0.25%

Margin trading,
P2P lending,
Mobile trading
Singaporean Bitcoin Exchange Quoine Raises $20 Million; Moves to Japan
Malta 0 BTC 0.00900525 BTC 0.1%-0.2% RITO now on CMC approved Graviex Exchange
Unknown 0 BTC 0.05980000 BTC 0.25%
United-Kingdom 0 BTC 0.00860000 BTC 0% (Maker)
0.2% (Taker)

Margin trading,
GHS Trading,
Cloud Mining,
Credit/Debit cards
Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Beginners
Brazil 0 BTC 0.00790001 BTC 0.5% (0%-0.25%)
Braziliex, the Brazilian exchange, wants to know: which ERC20 token do you want listed on their platform? To participate, simply click on the link below and answer the form with your email and token PUNDI X (NPXS). Let's do this.
New-Zealand 0 BTC 0.01319982 BTC 0.5% - New Zealands latest digital currency exchange!
Peru 0 BTC 0.00864331 BTC 0.5%

BitGo Instant BitInka Exchange: Accepts deposits but NO WITHDRAWALS
Hong-Kong 0 BTC 0.03990000 BTC 0.15%

BFX Trading Competition
Australia 0 BTC 0.00099000 BTC 0.2% Leading Australian Bitcoin exchange ACX acquiring DigitalX Direct customers
Singapore 0 BTC 0.01970000 BTC 0.1%
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