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Margin trading,
Stop orders,
API sandbox
Support opensource software that respect your privacy, check out Rotki's gitcoin grant.
United-States 16,627.52 LTC 40.22 USD Dynamic API sandbox FREE 15€ on Bitpanda [only small deposit needed]
United-Kingdom 16,521.98 LTC 40.31 USD 0.1%-0.25%

Stop order,
Ripple gateway,
BitGo Instant
Enquanto exchanges deslistam moedas de privacidade, Bitstamp prepara-se para negociar Zcash
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Margin trading,
BitGo Instant
BitMEX Involved In А Large Scale BTC Liquidation
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Futures contract
(50x leverage)
Margin trading,
Dark pool,
BitGo Instant
Kraken versus Gemini Active Trader
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And many more...
3commas crypto trading bot review 2020-The best crypto trading bot
Canada 6,639.59 LTC 40.28 USD 0.05%-0.25% (Maker)
0.2%-0.25% (Taker)

Chainalysis Enables Coinfield Exchange To ‘Know Your Transaction’
United-States 1,984.15 LTC 40.34 USD 0.1% @cz_binance: Leveraged Tokens Delisting 10/12 🔸Protecting users comes first 🔸Token prices only go down in time. Prices do not depend on exchange listing/delisting, but underlying assets, cost of rebalancing and management fees 🔸Check back in a month and tell us if it is a bad decision
United-Kingdom 1,743.52 LTC 41.82 USD 0.02%-0.2%

And many more...
ProfitBox Digital Gold Stable Coin: A Great Additive Against Price Unpredictability
Liechtenstein 1,396.35 LTC 40.31 USD 0%-0.2% (Maker)
0.08%-0.2% (Taker)

Should I Store Data Locally? [Question]
Hong-Kong 541.62 LTC 40.21 USD 0.2%

OKCoin Exchange Prepares to Launch New Crypto Exchange in Japan
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0.2% (Taker)

Margin trading,
GHS Trading,
Cloud Mining,
Credit/Debit cards
Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Beginners
Switzerland 18.66 LTC 40.70 USD 0%
And many more...
Weekly Feedback And Support Thread [2020-03-30]
Argentina 0.88 LTC 40.50 USD 0.2%
Exchanges that list r/MintCoin: NLexch,altmarkets,southxchange,altilly,
Unknown 0.70 LTC 40.38 USD ?

This week, binance and Okex have more money flowing out of Bitcoin
Malta 0.05 LTC 43.50 USD 0.1%-0.2% Plan B is brutal but effective
United-Kingdom 0 LTC 3.80 USD 0%-0.25%
United-Kingdom 0 LTC 40.90 USD 1%
Debit card The roadmap for 2020 has been updated
United-Kingdom 0 LTC 59.20 USD 0% (buyers) UK Exchange Allowing Set Orders
Croatia 0 LTC 40.00 USD 0.29%
Stop limit 11-18 22:43 - 'List of bitcoin person-to-person (P2P) Exchanges (e.g., Bisq, HodlHodl, LocalCoinSwap, etc.)' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/cointastical removed from /r/Bitcoin within 2807-2817min
Peru 0 LTC 56.92 USD 0.5%

BitGo Instant Groestlcoin June Development Update & Release!
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Bitfex cryptocurrency derivatives exchange launching Dec 17
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