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bitmex Seychelles 23,892.01 BTC 896.50 USD -0.025% (Maker)
0.075% (Taker)
Futures contract
(100x leverage),
Stop Limit
API: Bulk Orders now ratelimited at only 10%!
bitfinex Hong-Kong 15,865.58 BTC 894.78 USD 0%-0.1% (Maker)
0.2% (Taker)

Margin trade,
BitGo Instant
Bitfinex allows verified users and investors to speed up their Monero deposits
bitstamp United-Kingdom 8,105.25 BTC 897.86 USD 0.1%-0.25%

Stop order,
Ripple gateway,
BitGo Instant
0% Fees on Bitstamp Starts Today
xbtce Unknown 6,164.38 BTC 895.40 USD 0%

Margin trade xBTCe Exchange Launches Live Accounts Bringing a New Era for Cryptocurrency Trading
lakebtc China 6,078.23 BTC 906.56 USD 0%-0.15% (Maker)
0.2% (Taker)

Dark pool How to Buy Bitcoins
gdax United-States 5,816.89 BTC 899.96 USD 0% (Maker)
0.1%-0.25% (Taker)

Stop orders Obtaining the bitlicense
btc-e Unknown 5,446.12 BTC 894.16 USD 0.2%

Credit card
ETC is a scam
quoine Japan 4,442.90 BTC 899.10 USD 0%

Margin trade,
P2P lending,
Mobile trading
Looking for a trading platform that allows leveraged trading and won't "lose" all your bitcoin? Look no further! No trading fees, and up to 25x leverage.
gemini United-States 3,507.91 BTC 897.52 USD Dynamic TIL Gemini can and will reverse any trades it doesn't like after the fact.
kraken United-States 3,117.64 BTC 897.53 USD 0%-0.26%

Margin trade,
Dark pool,
BitGo Instant,
50 addresses
withdrawal limit
Security Advisory: Mobile Phones; SMS Authentication
okcoin-intl Singapore 1,751.42 BTC 895.87 USD 0% (Maker)
0.1%-0.2% (Taker)

Margin trade,
BitGo Instant
Anyone in contact with OKcoin about adding Monero?
localbitcoins Finland 1,238.68 BTC 1,154.73 USD 0%-1%

And many more...
Reputation system,
LocalBitcoins Issues Instructions in Russian on Using TOR and VPN to Circumvent Roskomnadzor Blockade
livecoin United-Kingdom 1,056.24 BTC 904.59 USD 0%-0.2%

And many more...
We just got listed on Livecoin! Check it out!
itbit Singapore 919.84 BTC 898.40 USD 0% (Maker)
0.2% (Taker)

ItBit March Bitcoin Market Report
allcoin Canada 583.86 BTC 898.48 USD 0%-0.2% down?
bitbays United-Kingdom 521.45 BTC 913.84 USD 0% (CNY)
0.15% (Maker)
0.25% (Taker)
Arbitrage fund
huobi China 402.53 BTC 897.20 USD 0.2% Interest on deposit No trading fees on Huobi USD the whole September ! Welcome to trade on Huobi!
cexio United-Kingdom 391.36 BTC 900.00 USD 0% (Maker)
0.2% (Taker)

Margin trade,
GHS Trading,
Cloud Mining,
Credit/Debit cards now allow their users to trade BTC with GBP!
spacebtc United-Kingdom 356.88 BTC 898.32 USD -0.05% (Maker)
0.06%-0.18% (Taker)

And many more... - advanced European trading platform - ZERO FEES PROMO
dsx United-Kingdom 337.50 BTC 895.37 USD 0.08%-0.35%
bitinka Peru 231.47 BTC 896.91 USD 0.5%

Do you live in South America? There's a place where you can Buy Bitcoins in 5 different currencies
deribit Lithuania 209.45 BTC 895.50 USD -0.02%-0.04% (Maker)
0.04%-0.05% (Taker)
Futures contract,
Options contract
Deribit Bitcoin Futures and Options Exchange
exmo United-Kingdom 181.87 BTC 898.97 USD 0.2%

And many more...
{Exmo} Fast, Secure, User Friendly and Lowest Fees.
anxpro Hong-Kong 74.69 BTC 894.01 USD 0.05%

Those "market insights" by a bitcoin exchange read like middle school news paper anecdotes.
independentreserve Australia 58.87 BTC 902.25 USD 0.1%-0.5% Another Australian Exchange Adds support for ETH
bitbay Poland 40.78 BTC 918.00 USD 0.25%-0.43%

BitBay - A New Bitcoin & Litecoin Fiat Exchange
coinfloor United-Kingdom 34.79 BTC 896.00 USD 0%
Coinfloor Blog: Coinfloor moves to Zero Fee Trading
bitquick United-States 28.73 BTC 940.00 USD 0% (sell)
2% (buy)

And many more...
Proof of reserves,
BitGo Instant
Bitcoin Trading Platform BitQuick Integrates BitGo Instant
bitexla Netherlands 25.59 BTC 895.07 USD 0.5%
Cobrar y pagar globalmente usando
quadrigacx Canada 24.65 BTC 925.00 USD 0.2%-0.5%

And many more...
Gold/BTC trading,
Ether now traded on QuadrigaCX
therocktrading Malta 24.19 BTC 895.31 USD 0.03%-0.2%
Virtual Stock
Ripple gateway
The Rock Trading Ltd
c-cex Russia 14.21 BTC 923.00 USD 0% (Maker)
0.1%-0.2% (Taker)

Vote for coin,
We are in first place on C-Cex! Let's keep it that way!
yobit Unknown 11.89 BTC 927.00 USD 0.2%
Broken deposit,
Broken withdrawal,
Poor support
paxful United-States 5.94 BTC 2,324.80 USD 1%

And many more...
Reputation system,
Paxful launches bitcoin-based affiliate contest to give away 10 BTC
btcc China 3.51 BTC 905.00 USD -0.05%-0.2% BTCC fee FAQ now online
indacoin United-Kingdom 3.00 BTC 1,287.85 USD 0.3%

And many more...
BTC-E code
Interest on deposit
Might as well make their slogan "Bring us your stolen credit cards"
bitlish United-Kingdom 2.96 BTC 898.90 USD 0% (Maker)
0.2%-0.3% (Taker)

And many more...
Bitcointalk announcement
hitbtc Denmark 2.67 BTC 891.32 USD 0.01% (passive)
0.1% (active)

Coin voting You can now trade ARDR with BTC on @hitbtc!
cryptonit United-Kingdom 2.03 BTC 913.00 USD 0.15%

And many more...
Cryptonit - a UK based exchange has added Quark, finding out more info, will work on the side panel soon.
coinpit Seychelles 1.82 BTC 910.00 USD -0.000025 (Maker)
0.0001 (Taker)
Futures contract
(200x leverage),
Trustless exchange
AML without KYC
coinsquare Canada 1.45 BTC 897.66 USD Maker (0.1%-0.2%)
Taker (0.2%-0.4%)

Express funding now accepts Interac online and e-transfers. Trading fees also waived until May 1st!
southxchange Argentina 0.61 BTC 908.81 USD 0.2%
You can now exchange your NBT for USD 1:1 and withdraw to PayPal
bitkonan Croatia 0.21 BTC 935.00 USD 0.29%
Stop limit Anyone tried Bitkonan? .29% commission, trading price almost equal to Mt Gox...Low volume though (%.09)
bitsquare World 0.02 BTC 972.31 USD 0.0005 BTC (create)
0.0001 BTC (arb)

And many more...
Decentralized Bitsquare is rebranding
megacrypton United-Kingdom 0 BTC 608.00 USD 0%-0.25%
lzf United-States 0 BTC 470.00 USD 0.25% Dear Arbitragers: Bitcoin is selling between $55-$65 lower on right now
gocio British-Virgin-Islands 0 BTC 1,500.00 USD 0.2%
Long list
of payment
Bitcointalk announcement
gatecoin Hong-Kong 0 BTC 922.00 USD 0.02%-0.25% (Maker)
0.1%-0.35% (Taker)

Stop orders ICONOMI (ICN) added to Gatecoin exchange
United-Kingdom 0 BTC 424.15 USD 0.3%

Good News for Bitcoin sellers in
campbx United-States 0 BTC 649.99 USD 0.55%-2%
Margin trade CampBX - US based bitcoin exchange
bter China 0 BTC 162.95 USD 0%-0.2% Mintcoin is being delisted from Bter
bitsane Ireland 0 BTC 904.35 USD 0.15% (Maker)
0.25% (Taker)

Bitcointalk announcement
247exchange Belize 0 BTC 650.29 USD 0.25%-3%

And many more...
Credit/Debit cards now allows to buy cryptocurrencies with Neosurf prepaid vouchers at 135 000 points worldwide
53 exchange(s) from 46 countries monitored every 10 minutes (last update: Wed Jan 25 01:44:23 UTC 2017)