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negociecoins Brazil 188.89 BTC 29,320.99 BRL 0.05%-0.3% (passive)
0.1%-0.4% (active)
Dash Added to Abra Investment App, NegocieCoins Brazilian Exchange, and Bitit Exchange
mercadobitcoin Brazil 23.75 BTC 28,765.00 BRL 0.3% (passive)
0.7% (active)
Brazil's largest Bitcoin Cash exchange calls it BCash. Also, their website doesn't even advertise that their platforms supports BCH. They only put up info about Bitcoin Core. Let's ask them to change that!
bitcointrade Brazil 11.92 BTC 28,899.99 BRL 0.25% (0.99%)
flowbtc Brazil 4.48 BTC 27,102.03 BRL 0.35% (0.5%-1.39%)
Compra reservada FlowBTC excelente exchange para comprar Bitcoins , Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash
bitcointoyou Brazil 2.69 BTC 28,659.99 BRL 0.25% (passive)
0.6% (active)
Cartão Bitcoin,
Dep. automatizado
[IAMA] Eu sou o André Horta, fundador da exchange Te aguardo para batermos um papo a respeito da Bitcointoyou, Bitcoin e criptomoedas.
braziliex Brazil 2.57 BTC 28,960.00 BRL 0.5% (0%-0.25%) Weekly Digest 2018-05-03
omnitrade Brazil 1.60 BTC 28,900.00 BRL 0.25% (passive)
0.5% (active)
(0%-1.99%) Miami Crypto Exchange and OmniTrade Integrate Dash
localbitcoins Finland 1.35 BTC 29,602.72 BRL 0%-1%

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Reputation system,
LocalBitcoins Trader ‘Bitcoin Maven’ or Tetley Sentenced to Prison for illegal bitcoin-for-cash exchange
walltime Brazil 0.98 BTC 28,801.77 BRL 0.2% (passive)
0.4% (active)
BECH32 support,
BitCast #021 - Entrevista com CEO da exchange Walltime - Cursos de Bitcoin e Trading, Criptomoedas, Investir em Bitcoin, Análise Técnica
paxful United-States 0 BTC 35,321.59 BRL 1%

And many more...
Reputation system,
Bitcoin Exchange Paxful Reveals Plan to Reach Venezuela's Unbanked - CoinDesk
bitbol Brazil 0 BTC 26,831.78 BRL 0%
Pagamento de
Recarga de celular,
Consulta de CPF
bisq World 0 BTC 24,472.83 BRL Dynamic

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