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btc-e Unknown 47.64 BTC 0.00082000 BTC 0.2%

Credit card
Is USDT a safe store if value?
poloniex United-States 12.31 BTC 0.00082133 BTC 0%-0.15% (Maker)
0.05%-0.25% (Taker)
Margin trading,
Stop-Limit Orders,
Slow withdrawal,
Slow support
StealthCoin stuck on Poloniex for weeks
livecoin United-Kingdom 7.13 BTC 0.00081117 BTC 0.02%-0.2%

And many more...
What do you think of for XMR buying/selling?
xbtce Unknown 0.73 BTC 0.00083000 BTC ?

How to integrate/import exchange's chart data to tradingview?
cryptopia New-Zealand 0.13 BTC 0.00082497 BTC 0.2% Coin Voting,
Great news! We have accrued enough BTC for the Cryptopia listing fee!
yobit Unknown 0.08 BTC 0.00077125 BTC 0.2%
Poor support Bittrex has sell walls, but Cryptopia and Yobit are free of sell walls? Should we get more volume in there so the price can naturally increase?
shapeshift Switzerland 0.03 BTC 0.00080736 BTC 0.5%-1% BitGo Instant Determining value when moving coins from one wallet to another.
bxinth Thailand 0.03 BTC 0.00082000 BTC 0.25% Proof of funds,
Options contract; now largest market for Stellar trading
vircurex China 0 BTC 0.00080100 BTC 0.2% Interest on deposit [USA, IA] Fraudulent Online Currency Exchange
tuxexchange Canada 0 BTC 0.00087777 BTC 0% (Maker)
0.3% (Taker)
DOGE giveaway,
Great support - Cryptocurrency exchange. 0.15% fee - Blazing fast interface!
southxchange Argentina 0 BTC 0.00079999 BTC 0.2%
Southxchange VTC Price?!?!
bter China 0 BTC 0.00081798 BTC 0%-0.2% About ardor tokens and bter exchange
bleutrade Brazil 0 BTC 0.00080000 BTC 0.25% SPECIAL HTMLCOIN WORLD MEETING JUNE 17, 2017.
bisq World 0 BTC 0.00030699 BTC 0.0005 BTC (create)
0.0001 BTC (arb)

And many more...
Decentralized News ‹ Bisq - The decentralized bitcoin exchange
247exchange Belize 0 BTC 0.00011278 BTC 0.25%-3%

And many more...
Credit/Debit cards added 6 more currencies for buying cryptocurrency with credit/debit cards
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