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China 240.55 BTC 4,054.20 CNY 0.1% Please help me create an atlas of Stellar network to make it more transparent and safe for everyone
Finland 209.84 BTC 35,289.20 CNY 0%-1%

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Reputation system,
So are the sellers who sell bitcoin for >$6,000 on p2p exchanges fraudsters or what?
Unknown 0 BTC 34,737.99 CNY ?

Reputation system,
Check xBTCe Review – Cryptocurrency Exchange
United-States 0 BTC 37,607.97 CNY 1%

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Reputation system,
[Hiring] I need someone to help me convert PayPal to Btc
Japan 0 BTC 44,000.00 CNY 0%-0.25%

Margin trading,
P2P lending,
Mobile trading
Singaporean Bitcoin Exchange Quoine Raises $20 Million; Moves to Japan
United-Kingdom 0 BTC 35,965.58 CNY 1%
Debit card AMPLIFY EXCHANGE:Integration with CryptoPay
World 0 BTC 45,442.55 CNY Dynamic

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Decentralized Five Years in the Making, Bisq Exchange Launches Its Bitcoins DAO
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