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okcoin China 384,549.45 LTC 283.99 CNY 0.2% What is Bitcoin Cash?
huobi China 323,946.00 LTC 284.64 CNY 0.1%-0.2% Interest on deposit Chinese exchange Huobi conditionally supports Bitcoin Cash
chbtc China 30,567.90 LTC 284.54 CNY 0.05%-0.2% Beginner's Guide to Exchanges - Part 2
btcc China 11,952.92 LTC 285.00 CNY 0.1% Which exchanges "have integrated with Liquid Beta" (Blockstream's SegWit reliant product). This may give a clue to reasons for exchanges not supporting BCC.
bter China 10,947.27 LTC 284.85 CNY 0%-0.2% ViaBTC allows you to turn [10] bitcoins into [50] bitcoins, subsidised by r/bitcoin (exact values subject to exchange rate fluctuations) - no joke
btc38 China 10,384.96 LTC 25.60 CNY 0.1% BTC-E Tinfoil Hats Needed
jubi China 9,448.00 LTC 285.87 CNY 0.1%-0.2% Just a hunch but get your Binance acc ASAP.
viabtc China 4,174.37 LTC 283.87 CNY 0.1% (Maker)
0.2% (Taker)
ViaBTC plans to launch Bitcoin alternative, ‘Bitcoin cash,’ on August 1st
xbtce Unknown 3.15 LTC 295.90 CNY ?

BTC-e won't give back money. Email got hacked!
btctrade China 0 LTC 285.30 CNY 0.05%-0.2% Incomplete API,
Fake volume
PBoC Issues New Statement, Tells Smaller Bitcoin Exchanges in China to Follow Rules; CHBTC and BTCTrade Announce New Trading Fees
btc100 China 0 LTC 250.35 CNY 0% Fake volume
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