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bittrex United-States 3.25 BTC 0.00004783 BTC 0.25% With a working product and a partnership with TD, why isn’t that this taking off? Maybe the team should be doing a better job at raising awareness. Create more partnerships and press releases. At least get on Kucoin.
tradesatoshi United-Kingdom 0 BTC 0.00001100 BTC 0.2%
XCASH now listed on 4 exchanges [Cryptopia|Tradesatoshi|Stocks.Exchanges|CryptoHub]
braziliex Brazil 0 BTC 0.00000750 BTC 0.5% (0%-0.25%) Excelent airdrop!! 10 days for end!! ABC - Anti Bureaucracy Coin
bisq World 0 BTC 0.00090942 BTC Dynamic

And many more...
Decentralized I just tried the Bisq exchange...
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