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Venezuela 0 BTC 303,009.00 VEF 0%-0.6% (passive)
0.6%-1% (active)
Proof of reserve,
Algo trading
Just sent some Bitcoin to an old friend who lives in Venezuela, struggling to survive. He was more interested in buying more from the Surbitcoin exchange than selling the BTC I sent him!
United-States 0 BTC 3,241,560.98 VEF 1%

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Binance Adds 167 Fiat Payment Options Through Integration With P2P Exchange Paxful - CoinDesk
Venezuela 0 BTC 27,220,000,000.00 VEF 0.5% Estimated volume
due to API limit
PSA: Monkeycoin exchange
Finland 0 BTC 209,955,949.63 VEF 0%-1%

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Quick question about withdrawing cash from bitcoin atms
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